Seasonal work

Seasonal work – Sæsonarbejde i Danmark

Important information for the jobseeker

Please be aware of that most jobs are available in the summer period from the middle of May to the middle of August.

We will only contact you IF we find a job for you and we recommend that you do not go to Denmark without a working contract !

Be aware that outdoor work depends on the weather - starting and finishing dates can be changed and some days there might be no work.

In the summer period most applicants will not be offered indoor accommodation but have to bring a tent for the campsite - only some farmers will be able to offer indoor accommodation.

Since your first salary earlierst will be payed after one month, we recommend that you bring enough money for food and other cost for the first month - remember that Denmark is an expensive country!

If you are in Denmark, it would be practical if you bring a mobile phone because we probely will call you if we find a job for you - if you dont answar we will call the next applicant on the list.

It is very important that you register the correct period you can work.

Especially with X-mas trees it is an advantage to bring your own car. It will increase your chances of getting a job.

No employers will accept that you bring your dog or other pets.

It is OK to apply for a seasonal job with two or three friends, just remember to write all the emplyee codes on your friends in the application.

To improve your change getting a job, please update your online CV when there are changes !

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