Campus-Germany (Informationen zum Studium in Deutschland) (Information on Studying in Germany)

Planning your studies

A Good Start

Welcome indeed! You've decided to study in Germany. For some of you, this will be your first experience of higher education. You've come direct from school and want to gain the best possible qualifications by studying in a foreign country. Each step that you take from now will be new. Prepare as much as you can for your studies and your stay in Germany. Start doing so at the latest one year before you plan to start your studies. Because then you'll achieve your goal.

Our scouts with their friend MarkusMany of you have already gained experience studying in your home country or in another country. Now, you want to continue your studies in Germany or round off your academic qualifications by taking a postgraduate course or doctoral programme. Much of what you find here will be familiar to you. But you will still come across many differences. You can make your start in Germany easier by collecting as much information as possible in advance.

Our three scouts Mai , Tomás and Nina will guide you through your studies. Their tips will make the first few days all the more easier. And our academic glossary will help you understand university life and your studies all the better. We wish you every success with your studies!

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