SUA (Service for Foreign Workers in the cities of Oslo, Stavanger and Kirkenes)

SUA (Service for Foreign Workers in the cities of Oslo, Stavanger and Kirkenes)

Service Centre for Foreign Workers

The Labour Inspection Authority, the Police, the Tax Administration, and the Directorate of immigration have established several Service Centres for Foreign Workers in Norway. Both the employers and the employees can obtain information and initiate a fast-track handling of applications at the Service Centre.

The Service Centre’s staff speaks several languages. The Service Centre has been established to serve:

  • citizens of the Nordic countries
  • persons covered by the EU/EEA regulations in the foreigners act
  • people with qualifications as a skilled worker and specialists,
  • family members and employers of the abovementioned groups of people

There are introduced new rules concerning electronic handing in applications and registrations to the Police offices at the Service Centres in Oslo and Stavanger. The Police offices at these Service Centres accept only electronic applications and online registrations. It is not possible to deliver paper applications any longer. The internet solution "Application Portal Norway" makes application processing more effective. Now you can book an appointment online. It means that you no longer need to wait in a queue in order to hand in the necessary documentation. If you applied online you would also be able to book a new appointment to pick up your permit when it is granted.


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